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Force Lines

Out February 2nd 2024

Force Lines is Pastek & Dukes first formal introduction into their pop-electronic debut EP, an escalation of warm, soft and captivating sounds hugging two fragments containing charge in synchronized motion. Highlighting a sonic universe saturated with “Beatlesque” influences, from the Mellotron reminiscent of “Strawberry Fields” to the Hofner bass, from the piano to the distorted voice with Slap-back echo.


OUT JUNE 30TH 2023

Head Down’ is duo Emily Dukes and Noé Zagroun’s second single. It’s a indie-pop song inspired by the story of a 50s housewife stuck in her marriage with a careless husband. Noé’s bold and crunchy production paired with Emily’s sweet and mischievous vocal performance, seemingly in contrast with the dark storyline, perfectly capture the essence of the protagonist. Her strong desire to live up to her husband's impossible expectations is opposed by her desire to emancipate from them and though her story is one of resilience, her nature is rebellious and vengeful.

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